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The entrepreneurial journey can feel isolating and overwhelming – and lonely. If you’re looking for business counsel or actionable advice on running a socially conscious venture, consult with one of our experts.

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Patch Dulay

Founder and CEO
The Spark Project

Fundraising Strategy

Patch will introduce you to different types of strategies you can use to finance your projects, through the use of technology and other enterprising tools. This is open to orgs that are for-profit and non-profit.

Vini Salonga

Managing Partner

Finance & Accounting

Vini aims to equip SEs with key financial concepts and tools that will allow them to better understand their organization’s financial performance and enable them to make more effective business decisions.

Kitty Ferreria

Certified Transformational Coach

Motivation & Mindset

Kitty will help you ultimately gain greater AWARENESS of what naturally drives you in work and life; and REALIGNING daily to achieve better flow for performance, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

Ana Isla

Managing Director
Blue Spark Solutions

Business Model & Marketing 4Ps

Ana will help new business owners of social enterprises in designing their overall business model and 4P (Product-Pack-Price-Promo) architecture to be built for success and profitability.

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