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Spark Launchpad is a crowdfunding accelerator where you embark on a unique experience of building your own crowdfunding campaign alongside like-minded individuals and organizations. Aside from receiving additional support from The Spark Project, you also receive support from other participants.

What is crowdfunding?

First of all, it is not magic fundraising.

Crowdfunding is raising funds or capital by pooling small amounts of money from a large number of individuals.  

It leverages web technologies such as social media and online payments to make this pooling of money more accessible and convenient for people to participate in.

Why crowdfund?

• To raise money for projects in an alternative way

• To build a community and fans around your work

• To raise awareness of your brand and business

• To validate your business idea or product concept 

• To open you up to more opportunities, which can happen even after your campaign period

Success Stories

Puhon: Ben and Ben Fundraiser

Filipino Band Ben&Ben used their music to raise over 4.5 million pesos for front-liners and teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tokwifi: Bontoc Short Film

Director Carla Pulido Ocampo turned to Spark in order to raise Php 200,000 funds to help bring her film to life. Tokwifi won Best Picture in Cinemalaya in 2020.

WVN Beach Towels

Entrepreneurs Kyle and Yvette raised over Php 236,000 to launch a conscious brand that aims to promote and preserve the rich weaving heritage of the Philippines.