A Leadership Empowerment Program for Women Entrepreneurs


Leadership Development

Fellows begin with a Leadership Development Coaching Program that  equips them to conquer their limiting beliefs and unlock their leadership potential.

Project Acceleration

Fellows continue their journey with expert training and mentorship to fast-track their crowdfunding, e-commerce, or creative conscious project.

Women Empowerment

The 8-month fellowship is designed for women leaders (SHE-EOs), giving them the agency and support they need overcome challenges and pursue their goals boldly.

Growing an enterprise hinges upon growing its leader


The Spark Her Enterprise (SHE) Fellowship is a transformative leadership program aimed at empowering women entrepreneurs to create positive change through growing their ventures.

We envision our SHE-EOs thriving in life and in work. By investing in themselves and through inner work, they are able to lead their enterprises with more ease and flow. Through this program, fellows are equipped with the tools and the mindset necessary to deepen their leadership, grow their ventures, and amplify their impact.

This 8-month fellowship program is designed for women entrepreneurs who want to be better leaders for their ventures. Through this program, each fellow goes through a transformative journey that allows them to discover and grow as a SHE-EO—in a supportive environment that allows for women to thrive.

    Dates to Remember

    Application Period: May 24 to June 21

    Announcement of Shortlisted Applicants: June

    Interviews: June 26 to 28, 2024

    Announcement of SHE 2024 Cohort: July 5, 2024

    SHE Fellowship Kick-off: July 8, 2024

    The SHE Fellowship Program

    SHE Fellowship empowers and supports women entrepreneurs through a series of Leadership Coaching and Enterprise Mentorship sessions spread across an 8-month period.


    SHE Fellowship Journey

    Leadership Development

    The coach-facilitated program is designed to deepen self-awareness and shift both thinking and doing toward more positive and meaningful outcomes. Concepts, practices and tools to be introduced are drawn from the fields of leadership, psychology, neuroscience, and performance science. The journey is made more fruitful alongside other amazing SHE-EOs, leveraging on community and collective wisdom.

    • Inner Work: Gain greater awareness to expose limiting beliefs that undermine your progress and develop a positive and resilient mindset for personal and professional growth.
    • Professional Coaching: Receive close support and guidance from a professional coach to navigate challenges and achieve your goals.
    • Community Growth: Grow alongside a group of inspiring women leaders, fostering a supportive network that encourages collaboration and shared success.


    Project Acceleration Tracks

    SHE-EO chooses a track. Gain valuable skills and knowledge through coaching, mentorship, and hands-on project development. Drive meaningful change through your venture and make a positive difference in your community and beyond.


    Launch your product with confidence through a crowdfunding campaign. This track provides expert guidance on planning, executing, and managing a campaign to maximize funding and visibility.


    Streamline your ecommerce operations to enhance online sales. Learn best practices for setting up and optimizing your online store, managing inventory, and reaching your target market effectively.


    Bring your creative and conscious projects to life. This track offers the resources and mentorship needed to implement innovative ideas that have a positive impact on society and the environment.


    • Reading of prescribed material
    • Watching 1-hour weekly video (on weekend or Monday) starting July 20, 2024
    • 15 minutes of daily practice starting July 23, 2024 
    • Time and focused attention for 1:1 coaching sessions and group sessions
    • Co-creating a safe space for others in the program
    • Implementing proposed project:
      • For those in the Crowdfunding Track: Crowdfunding Campaign on The Spark Project
      • For those in the E-Commerce Track: Digital Acquisition Plan
      • For those in the Open Project: Project is dependent on Applicant


    • One 1:1 Discovery & Goal Setting Session (1 hour)
    • Kick-off Session (1 hour)
    • Foundations Program (7 weeks, with daily practices)
    • 3 Group Coaching Sessions (1 hour) with fellow leaders 
    • One 1:1 Leadership Coaching Session (1 hour)
    • 2 Enrichment Sessions (Optional)
    • 3 Intensive Cohort Sessions
    • 3 Office Hours / Group Consultations
    • 3 Individual Consultations with Mentor
    • Showcase Day

    DEADLINE: JUNE 21, 2024

    Are you a passionate woman founder ready to take your venture to the next level? Apply to the SHE Fellowship and unlock your potential for success! 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    For who is this program best for?

    The SHE-EO who has most to gain from this program is somone:

    • Who has a strong desire for personal growth.
    • Motivated to do inner work through self-reflection, understanding new concepts, and engaging with a small group.
    • Willing and able to fully commit time and attention to the inner work required in the program.
    Are there any eligibility requirements to apply to the SHE Fellowship?

    The program is open to any enterprising woman-founder, leader, decision-maker of a Philippine-based organization. She has been in this leadership role for at least 1 year.

    But I'm not a CEO or Founder, am I still eligible?

    Beyond the title, being a SHE-EO is a mindset. And leadership is not a position, but a role that you do for your enterprise/organization.

    The program is open to any enterprising woman-founder, leader, decision-maker of a Philippine-based organization.

    What is the application process?

    If you’re interested in applying for the SHE Fellowship, fill out the application form here. Applications close on June 21. Applicants that pass the initial screening will be contacted on June 24 and will be asked to schedule an interview with us; interview slots will be on June 26-28. Those who pass the interview will be contacted and asked for their confirmation to be a part of the cohort on July 1. The program will officially start on July 8.

    How is SHE Fellowship different from other women-focused entrepreneurship programs out there?

    SHE Fellowship focuses on both your organization’s and your own personal development.

    The program was created to ensure that there is a strong focus on the entrepreneur’s development as a leader, both inside and outside of the work environment.

    After learning about how to develop yourself as a leader, the cohort will be able to apply their learnings by implementing different projects within their organizations, depending on the tracks that they choose; this will act as their training ground to establish the habit of practicing their mental fitness as leaders in their everyday lives.

    How is the program delivered? Online or Offline?
    The program will be a hybrid of both online and offline sessions. Specific details for each session will be given once the program starts.

    Meet Your Mentors

    Meet the SHE Fellowship mentors who will support you throughout this program.

    Kitty Ferreria

    Leadership Development Coach

    Coach Kitty Ferreria, an ICF Certified Transformational Coach and HR Consultant, draws from over 10 years of experience. She specializes in one-on-one coaching and facilitated sessions to foster intentionality, purpose discovery, and positive mindset development.

    Joyfully guiding others through inner work, she prioritizes authentic conversations and gentle encouragement. Balancing various roles, she seeks ease, flow, and wonder in her journey while nurturing her family with her husband and raising two kind-hearted children.

    Guita Gopalan

    E-Commerce Accelerator Mentor

    Embark on a transformative journey with Guita Gopalan, an expert in ecommerce, digital marketing, and customer experience. Leading at Agyle Brands and Vivanti Advantage, Guita effortlessly navigates the complexities of direct-to-consumer brands with her customer-centric approach and omnichannel strategies.

    With a track record of success in digital brand strategies for companies like Ellana Cosmetics, Guita, recognized as a “CX Insider Top 150 Global Thought Leader,” offers invaluable guidance to entrepreneurs and established brands alike, unlocking secrets to profitable brand growth in the digital landscape.

    Audrey Hontiveros

    Crowdfunding Accelerator Mentor

    Audrey Hontiveros is the Crowdfunding Expert and Manager at The Spark Project. Since joining in October 2018, Audrey has spearheaded numerous Crowdfunding Accelerators, empowering diverse creators, from social entrepreneurs and filmmakers to musicians and non-profits.

    Her commitment to fostering community impact shines through, with over 150 crowdfunding campaigns hosted on The Spark Project. A Cum Laude graduate from De La Salle University in Interdisciplinary Business Studies, specializing in Social Entrepreneurship and Management, Audrey is dedicated to making a positive difference through innovative and accessible fundraising options for all types of creators.

    Paola Betita-Tan

    Open Project Accelerator Mentor

    Paola currently serves as the Growth and Partnerships Manager at The Spark Project. Her professional journey began in 2014 with MAD Travel, a social tourism enterprise. In 2016, she joined The Spark Project to expand her impact in the social enterprise space. After serving as an Assistant Project Manager, she left for Dumaguete City in 2018 to open Samyama Yoga Studio, the first commercial studio in the city.

    Now back at The Spark Project, Paola cultivates partnerships and develops innovative programs for the community of changemakers and founders. Passionate about mental health and environmental sustainability, she feels privileged to contribute to these causes and be part of the wider community of changemakers.

    Patch Dulay

    Open Project Accelerator Mentor

    Patch Dulay, CEO of The Spark Project, supports conscious entrepreneurs through his organization and as a UNDP consultant across Asia-Pacific. He designs and implements accelerator & incubator programs in collaboration with institutions like Sasakawa Peace Foundation, the Cultural Center of the Philippines, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde, and the US Embassy.

    Patch got his undergraduate degree in Management Information Systems at the Ateneo de Manila University in 2005, and he holds two Masters degrees in Global E-business (University of Lille, France) and Entrepreneurship (Ateneo Graduate School of Business).

    The SHE Fellowship program, an initiative by The Spark Project in collaboration with the Sasakawa Peace Foundation’s Gender Investment and Innovation Program, empowers women entrepreneurs in the Philippines with mentorship, funding, and networking support to foster inclusive and impactful ventures.