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Through these consultation packages, Vini aims to equip SEs with key financial concepts and tools that will allow them to better understand their organization’s financial performance and enable them to make more effective business decisions. The SEs will also be given tools and aids (such as exercises, checklists, templates) that will aid them in applying the concepts taught in the sessions.

The rates below are for one-on-one consulting sessions. One-on-one sessions correspond to one company per session. One company may include up to 5 users belonging to the same company.

What You’ll Learn

With Vini, you may sign up for any of the following six packages. Each package will take 2-3 sessions:

  1. Compliance
  2. System Set-up
  3. Understanding your Financial Statements
  4. How to be Profitable – Financial Vital Signs and Best Practices
  5. Budgeting and Forecasting
  6. Product Costing

Session Flow

Compliance (2 sessions; 1 hour/session) – PHP 6,000.00

Objective: To make the SEs aware of the various regulatory items that they need to comply as an operating enterprise.

  • Tax and Government Compliance Checklist
  • Annual Business Renewal
  • SEC and BIR Open Tax Cases
  • Tax Filing – Monthly, Quarterly, and Annually
  • Payroll/DOLE requirements
  • SEC/DTI Requirements
  • Other Government Requirements and Payables
System Set-up (2 sessions; 1 hour/session) – PHP 6,000.00

Objective: To show the importance of appropriately setting up their accounting and financial systems to be able to accurately and completely capture the performance of their enterprises, all of which will redound to their financial statements, and integrate controls to minimize fraud and bad financial practices.

  • Accounting Systems and Processes
  • Establishment of Internal Controls (e.g. approvals, segregation of functions, etc.)
Understanding your Financial Statements (3 sessions; 1 hour/session) – PHP 18,000.00

Objective: To provide the key concepts that will assist the SEs to read the various financial statements that will allow them to extract important information for business decision making.

  • Profit and Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash Flow
  • Cash vs Accrual Basis
  • Capitalization vs Outright Expense
How to be Profitable – Financial Vital Signs and Best Practices (3 sessions; 1 hour/session) – PHP 18,000.00

Objective: To provide the SEs with metrics and best practices that will help them achieve sustainability and profitability.

  • Burn Rate
  • Runway
  • Contribution Margin
  • Relevant Financial Ratios (e.g. Current Ratio, Profitability Ratio, etc.)
Budgeting and Forecasting (3 sessions; 1 hour/session) – PHP 18,000.00

Objective: To equip them with tools and techniques for financial budgeting and forecasting to help plan for the future and align their goals across the entire organization.

  • Income Statement Forecast
  • Cashflow Forecast
Product Costing (3 sessions; 1 hour/session) – PHP 18,000.00

Objective: To walkthrough the enterprises on how to correctly cost and price their products and/or services, as well as provide them a template that will guide them through the process.

Vini Salonga

Managing Partner

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3 sessions


1 hour per session

Starts at ₱6,000.00

Consultant Bio

Vini is the Managing Partner of Accounting, Tax Services, and Business Processes or ATBP Co. Vini is a graduate of BS Accountancy, University of Santo Tomas. He has served in the social enterprise sector since he joined GKonomics in 2014, and is highly exposed to the specialized needs of social businesses and the communities they serve. Vini has attended numerous seminars on accounting and taxation, and has gained valuable experience and technical expertise as the lead-in-charge for client engagements.