Business Model & Marketing 4Ps

with Ana Isla, Managing Director, Blue Spark Solutions


Through this consultation package, Ana will help new business owners of social enterprises in designing their overall business model and 4P (Product-Pack-Price-Promo) architecture to be built for success and profitability.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to complete and strengthen your own business model canvas
  • Summarizing your own 4P architecture

Session Flow

Session 1: Introduction to the Business Model Canvas

  • 20mins: Client & Instructor Discovery Session, in which Client presents an overview of their current product line & overall social enterprise design
  • 30mins: Instructor to introduce the Business Model Canvas to the Client, and both do an initial input based on Client’s overview
  • Homework: Client to complete the BMC prior to the next session

Session 2: Completed Business Model Canvas

  • 20mins: Client to share inputs on the Business Model Canvas
  • 30mins: Instructor to provide consultation on client inputs
  • 10mins: Instructor to outline key actions to strengthen the BMC, for client get-back at next session

Session 3: Lock-In Business Model Canvas + Final 4P Architecture

  • Client & Instructor to land at a workable BMC and lock in final Product-Pack-Price-Promo architecture
  • Reco to pilot initial design, and do a follow up session after 6 months of operations

Optional Follow Up Session: Consultation on effectiveness of the business model, based on market viability, operational viability, and financial viability

Ana Isla

Managing Director
Blue Spark Solutions

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3 sessions


1 hour per session


Consultant Bio

Ana is the Managing Director of Blue Spark Solutions, one of the first agencies in the Philippines to provide marketing outsourcing solutions through a fully-staffed, ready-to-dock marketing organization. She is an experienced owner of multiple agencies, with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, and she is a strong business development professional skilled in Marketing Management, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Customer Marketing, Retail, and Trade Marketing.