Motivation and Mindset

with Kitty Ferreria, Certified Transformational Coach


Through these consultations and the individual exercises, Kitty will help you ultimately gain greater AWARENESS of what naturally drives you in work and life; and REALIGNING daily to achieve better flow for performance, satisfaction, and fulfillment.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understanding and owning your top motivations
  • Creating your motivation statement
  • Revealing your motivational energy 
  • Identifying the shadow side of your motivation
  • Setting an intention and plan to re-align back to ‘flow’

Session Flow

  • Session 1: Understanding your Motivational Flow
  • Session 2: Re-aligning Back to your Flow
  • Motivation Code Assessment

Kitty Ferreria

Certified Transformational Coach

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2 sessions


1 hour per session


Consultant Bio

Kitty Dulay-Ferreria is a Leadership Coach who empowers High Achievers to live their best in the different roles they play, in and outside work.

Her experience in Organization Development & HR and as a Certified Professional Transformational Coach helps her in coaching others to thrive in the workplace and their careers. As a consultant, she has been involved in organization design, transition & change management, HR & and organization capability-building projects.