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Ever since our launch in 2013, The Spark Project has been a pioneer in the local crowdfunding scene. It has become the first and longest standing crowdfunding platform that supports creative startups and social enterprises in the Philippines.

As of June 2021, our community of over 10,541 people has collectively crowdsourced over 21 million pesos to fund over 112 projects and counting.

We’ve sparked bags, shoes, community projects, award-winning films, books, and so much more—from both emerging and established creators.

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Funding creativity and impact

What is crowdfunding?

A new term describing the old concept of pooling small amounts of money from a large number of people to fund a project by using web technologies like social media and ecommerce.

Why should you back projects?

For most entrepreneurs, turning their ideas to reality can be daunting and scary. So having funders like you who support and appreciate their work makes everything worthwhile. Backing a project is a sign that you believe in the project and the people behind it. It is a step toward turning a dream into reality.

Why should I fund project at The Spark Project?

The Spark Project provides a safe platform that provides backers a unique opportunity to support project creators at a stage where they need it most. It is a place to discover inspiring and meaningful projects worth funding.

Keeping Crowdfunding Safe for Everyone

Having a safe space for project creators and backers to crowdfund is a community effort. It involves the platform, the project creators, and the crowd.

The Spark Project allows backers to support project creators during the very early stages of their journey. It is important that you take the time to review each campaign closely and contribute an amount that you are comfortable with, in the event that the team is unable to deliver the project as planned.

To fund projects that you want to support, take some time to evaluate each one. Watch the videos and read the project pitches thoroughly. Validate any claims and identify any potential production risks and project delays. And if things are still unclear, always double check with the project creators before you contribute to the project.

Crowdfunding generates exciting opportunities for backers and entrepreneurs alike, but remember that backing a project and receiving rewards are not the same as buying an item online. Instead, supporting a crowdfunding campaign at The Spark Project means you are helping a project, idea or cause that is still a work in progress.

We believe that anyone can contribute towards a better world. 

Even the smallest of things when added up, make all the difference.

WVN Home Textiles


Entrepreneurs Kyle and Yvette raised over Php 236,000 to launch a conscious brand that aims to promote and preserve the rich weaving heritage of the Philippines.

Tokwifi Short Film Project


Director Carla Pulido Ocampo turned to Spark in order to raise Php 200,000 funds to help bring her film to life. Tokwifi won Best Picture in Cinemalaya in 2020.

Puhon by Ben&Ben


Filipino Band Ben&Ben used their music to raise over 4.5 million pesos for frontliners and teachers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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The Spark Project is home to some of the most creative and conscious brands today. With the help of the crowd, they were able to bring their amazing projects to life. We’re so proud to have been part of their journey.

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