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Through the power of social media and crowdfunding, we can now easily back projects and get awesome rewards in return. For project creators, there has never been a better time than now to go and spark that idea.

About Us


We are all for creativity, innovation and passion

Our team believes in the Filipino and its ability to create something awesome.

That’s why we created The Spark Project, a community that aims to showcase Filipino talent and ingenuity through an online crowdfunding platform where they can campaign to fund their creative, innovative, and passion-driven projects.

Sadly, there aren’t much readily available spaces for Filipinos to start-up and get the support they need to pursue their passions. In the areas of entrepreneurship, design, arts and culture, education, health, social advocacies, and causes; these initiatives fail to start, or in some cases scale, because they lack one of the most basic and crucial resources, funds. On the other end of the spectrum, we have people and organizations capable of funding potential projects but are not adept with the logistics of reaching out to these initiatives.

Although existing forms of funding like venture capitalists, angel investors, grant giving bodies, and banking institutions are present; they are not readily available year-round and sometimes cater only to a specific niche. At the end of the day, only a few among hundreds of equally compelling ideas get the funding they need. The Spark Project aims to change all this and address the country’s need for more entrepreneurs and change-makers by democratizing the disproportionate distribution of funding capital.

It’s about time that we have our own crowdfunding platform in the Philippines.