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YSEALI Sparkability Level-Up Program

Makati, Philippines 2019

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Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or been have operating for years, we got you covered at each step of your journey. Start, spark, and scale your creative conscious vision.

From Story to Strategy

Learn the most important components of a social media strategy and what marketing trends will affect your business.

Financial Vital Signs

Know the symptoms of financial problems before they hit you. Get tips on managing cash, however little or much of it you have.

Design Research for Your Enterprise

Launching a new product or service? Stop wasting precious time and resources. Learn how to do research right.

Financial Vital Signs Deep Dive

Learn the concepts of break-even analysis, contribution margins and and understand your FS.


Finally, something made for this side of the world

Our environment and surroundings highly influence who we are as impact-driven founders. Most online courses for social entrepreneurs are created from a western perspective, making it hard for entrepreneurs in Southeast Asia to connect with.

Inspired by our global experience, we design and develop our tools with a regional perspective. The content we create hits closer to home—more relatable and relevant for creative conscious founders in the region.

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Lessons and Conversations on How to Restart Your Enterprise in the New Normal

RESPARK, written by The Spark Project’s founder Patch Dulay, is an entrepreneurs companion in these challenging times. This book is full of stories about how companies, both large and small, are adapting and pivoting in this time of crisis. It picks the brains of seven amazing entrepreneurs who can best talk about what to do at each stage of re-sparking your business—from starting over to recalibrating your mindset, designing new products and services, revisiting your marketing plans and financial statements, and getting into e-commerce. Think of the book as your personal Yoda, a guide that will help you get back on track.

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I love how the webinar has been so informative, as well as the templates and slides used. I’ve learned a lot.

Kudos for both The Spark Project and the speaker! It was not overwhelming, just the right balance of  learning and inspiration.

I was telling my co-founder how happy I was to be listening to a Filipino resource person.

Learning more about crowdfunding made me appreciate the process and hard work that goes with each campaign. It is such an innovative way to make ideas happen.

Thanks, The Spark Project for having webinars and workshops on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship! Your sessions are interesting, relevant, and really informative.

It was so inspiring to hear from the speaker’s career journey. Thank you!

Great topic and insights! So much learning even with just limited time.

I love it! The course was very comprehensive and yet the speaker explained it in a way that I could easily understand, even without prior background in Finance and Accounting.

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