Individuals and organizations alike are stepping up to play a role in helping their communities stay afloat during this pandemic. This month, we have four amazing campaigns that embody the spirit of modern-day Bayanihan. Each campaign is working towards uplifting a community of people who need extra attention now more than ever. Scroll through and see the different campaigns that you can support this month:

A Birthday Fundraiser for Healthcare heroes

26 Days Left to Support

A Donation Campaign by Kirk Chester Damasco

Kirk is raising funds to provide 500 meals for Healthcare Workers. He has partnered with “Salamat PH Healthcare Heroes”, an NGO that regularly provides meals to workers, to be able to fulfill his birthday wish. His campaign has been running for 3 days, and he has a little more to go to reach 100%!

To support this project and provide a hot meal for healthcare hero, click here

A Virtual Career Fair about sustainability

41 Days Left to Support

A Reward Campaign by Metamorphosis Group

Metamorphosis Group is a is a digital and remote career development and empowerment firm that offers services for the betterment of job seekers, career explorers, and career changers. They are raising funds to have a second run of their Virtual Career Summit. This summit aims to help thousands of millennials and Gen Z prepare for and find meaningful and sustainable careers for themselves effectively alleviating unemployment, underemployment, and unhappy employment.

To learn more about and support this project, click here.

An Ateneo-led Initiative to help Social Enterprises

87 Days Left to Support

A Donation Campaign by Ateneo Magis 2020 Alumni Hopecoming

Ateneo Magis 2020 Hopecoming and Ateneo’s OVP for Social Development have partnered with four Social Enterprises to transform marginalized communities through the Ateneo Tulong Sulong Program. Ateneo Tulong Sulong (“ATS”), is an employment and entrepreneurship program for vulnerable communities (further affected by COVID-19).

The goal of Tulong Sulong is to help vulnerable communities, cooperatives and their members become economically self-sufficient. The 4 S.E.s will train over 400 members of Ateneo-partnered communities various livelihood knowledge and skills with the end goal of providing them employment, entrepreneurial opportunities or even their own micro enterprises.

To learn more about what their plans and to support their project, click here

A Marawi-born brand’s next steps in a pandemic

27 Days Left to Support

A Reward Campaign by Aretes Style

Aretes Style is a Social Enterprise that was born in Marawi. They create beautiful and uniquely designed items using “Langkit”, a traditional decorative weave made in Marawi. They are crowdfunding to raise funds to produce their new collection of facemasks, tote bags, and earrings – all designed with a modern-day take on Langkit. Supporting Aretes Style means you are supporting the weavers and laborers in Marawi that have been displaced by the Marawi Siege. You aren’t only getting well-made, handcrafted, and unique items – you are also providing people with livelihood and support that they need to get by, especially during this pandemic.

To read more about the Aretes Style story, and to show your support, click here.

Each of these wonderful projects help communities and spread the spirit of Bayanihan which we desperately need during these times. Be sure to click the links above to check these campaigns and out and contribute if you can!