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Through the power of social media and crowdfunding, we can now easily back projects and get awesome rewards in return. For project creators, there has never been a better time than now to go and spark that idea.

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Finally, a space for Filipinos to support and fund local talent and projects. We're all about creativity, innovation and passion. Nothing will stop us from making awesome ideas happen.

Projects to Spark

Tropic Haze by Nipa Brew

Craft beer isn’t just for expert beer connoisseurs, it’s for everyone! And we need help to bring the craft beer experience to you with our first product, Tropic Haze.

Php 251,750.00 raised
Innovate, Scale Up your Start Up

Kabayan, let’s co-author and publish a book - Think Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas - that can change the trajectory of entrepreneurship in the Philippines for years to come.

Php 176,450.00 raised
ZIG: Organizer Bag for GoPro

Now a Bag x Organizer that matches the versatility of your GoPro. World-class quality, Proudly Filipino.

Php 170,600.00 raised
Goodness Rising

Help us build a GK Village to put roofs above 100 families in Ormoc. Every contribution will remind the survivors that they are loved, and that the future is still full of hope.

Php 66,000.00 raised
Love 4 Iloilo

Northern Iloilo has been badly hit by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. We are asking the world to show their LOVE 4 ILOILO by helping us send relief to the victims.

Php 148,085.85 raised
Support a Tausug Family

By supporting a Tausug family you give them a chance to a bright future through sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Php 135,568.50 raised
River Warrior Boats

With an "estero first" approach, the rehabilitation of the Ilog Pasig relies heavily on River Warriors assigned to clean, maintain and protect the esteros that flow into the river.

Php 28,900.00 raised
GOUACHE: Waxed-Canvas Goods

Beautiful waxed-canvas camera bags for the whimsical and the adventurer.

Php 184,900.00 raised
Isobel & The Patissier

A heart warming romantic comedy with a Filipino writer/actress, an Australian cast, an American production company, that's all set in France.

Php 9,000.00 raised
Animalia Filipina Collection

Wear Filipino pride on your feet! Wedges and heels hand-carved by Paete artisans with hand-woven fabric made exclusively for Risqu

Php 95,215.00 raised
GoodX Travel Scholarship

Arjean will be the 1st Filipino to join Camp UWP. We have 3 weeks left - help make it happen and be a part of this amazing journey!

Php 75,155.00 raised
Kawil Tours Tour Boat

A Kawil-owned boat will serve as a symbolism of connectivity. Help build sea transportation for meaningful journeys in Isla Culion.

Php 368,000.00 raised

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