Good Wolf: A New Breed of Wedding Films
A Reward Project
Filmmakers Jake & Bardo are putting a twist on wedding films, and they need your help to hit the ground running.
A Reward Project by Bardo Wu
PHP 180,600.00
raised of a Php 82,000.00 goal


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Our names are Bardo and Jake, and together we are Good Wolf Films. We started making short documentaries a couple of years ago, and have since fallen in love with the process. After four years of sticking it out as freelance filmmakers in advertising, we've finally mustered up the courage to start our own business making cinematic wedding films, and we’re bringing our documentary process along with us.




Our storytelling hinges heavily on rapport. We like to get close to our subjects and get to know the person beneath the surface. Weeks in advance, hours of recorded conversation are thoughtfully weaved into a cohesive narrative. On the field, we try to keep a low profile and rarely direct. What comes out is a story that’s both true and honest. We are committed to telling stories in this way.

We like to call it a portrait because that’s how it feels — a snapshot of people at a particular time in their lives — but it’s easier to show you than to tell you.




An impressive portfolio is essential for the kind of work we want to do, but with only one wedding under our belt, we need to build ours. We had offered to do the wedding film of our friends who believe in us immensely and are some of the most beautiful souls we know, but their wedding is to be held in Amsterdam, where one of them is from, making it quite expensive for us to be there.

Through this crowdfunding campaign, we hope to raise money for at least the production expenses like equipment, music licensing, visa requirements, and local transportation. Anything we receive in excess will help us shoulder living expenses like lodging and meals — which is still quite a big sum at about PHP 100,000 (on a tight budget) so we'd be grateful for any and all extra contributions!



Of course you'll get something in return for your support! We'll be shipping your rewards straight to your address anywhere in the Philippines when they're ready.



Our biggest backers can avail of discounts of up to 30% on our Wedding Portrait package. So if you're getting married and want a meaningful and different wedding film — or if you know someone who might — by all means, back us up and get a huge discount! It’s transferable and doesn’t expire.

But before you decide to back us, it would be best to check with us first if we're available on your preferred dates. Send us an email at


All our backers get these neat leather tags, made with love, by hand, by us. Yes, we'll be making them ourselves! We take pride in the amount of care we put into the work we do, down to the little things.


We'll even throw in these swanky, clear, matte-laminated stickers! For your laptop, your cellphone, your car — you name it! They're waterproof!



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Bardo & Jake 





Equipment Rental PHP 30,000
Music License PHP 10,000
Visa Fees for 2 PHP 7,200
Travel Insurance for 2 (Visa Req) PHP 4,500
Local Transportation PHP 10,000
Rewards Production & Shipment PHP 5,300
Set-up & Platform PHP 15,000



Campaign Period February 27 - March 12
Distribution of Rewards May to June
Pre-Production / Interview Gathering June 1 - 30
Amsterdam Trip July 30 - August 9
Wedding Festivities August 1 - 3
Online Release of Film September 9



The finished film can now be viewed on our website! You can also check it out below. We'd like to sincerely thank everyone who supported us and made this project possible. You've given us a great gift, and we're forever grateful! We hope you enjoy the film, and we hope we've made you proud. :)


  • Where will the money go?

    It will be used to cover production expenses, logistics, and for producing the backer rewards. If we exceed our goal, the excess will be used to help us shoulder expenses such as lodging, meals, and local transportation. This will help us a lot!

  • Why stay in Amsterdam for 10 nights?

    We figure it would be a real waste if we dropped in for just the wedding day. We want to take the film a step further and document not just the wedding, but a good chunk of their trip — their experience at Pride, and the little moments in between. Also, travel time will be roughly 20 hours, so we’ll need some time to deal with the jetlag, too.

  • What happens if you don’t reach your target?

    We'll use whatever we've raised to produce the film anyway, but the film itself will surely suffer, and so will we while we're there. Don’t worry, though, you’ll still get your rewards if you back us!

  • How do I claim my rewards?

    We’ll ship them to you! When we confirm your contribution, we'll contact you to confirm your delivery address and what you would like stamped on your tags. We can only ship to one address per backer, and only within the Philippines.

  • When will I receive my rewards?

    You’ll get them sometime within May or June 2018. Please give us some time to make them and ship them to you. After all, we’re crafting the leather tags by hand!

  • Can I customize my leather tags?

    Absolutely! We'll be hand-stamping the leather. A maximum of 2 rows, 8 characters each are at your disposal (capital letters & numbers only). After we confirm your pledge, you'll receive an email from me ( asking what you would like on each tag.

  • How can I redeem my Discount?

    We'll be sending you a physical voucher along with your tags & stickers. For bookings and inquiries, please send an email to I’d be more than happy to assist you! It's transferrable, so make sure you have the physical voucher in your possession so we can apply the discount.

  • Where can I see the finished film?

    When it's ready, we’ll be releasing the final film on our website ( and social media channels. We'll send you an email with a link to the film so you can see what you helped make possible!

  • Can I make the bank deposit online?

    Yes! Make sure to take a screenshot of the confirmation, then upload it through The Spark Project. If you deposited at a physical bank, upload a photo or scan of the deposit slip. If you don't, the system won't consider your pledge as confirmed.

  • How long will the film be?

    It will be a short documentary, anywhere between 4-8 minutes. This is not set in stone, though we always do our best to tell a compelling story in a short amount of time.

  • Who do I contact for questions & concerns?

    You may contact me directly through my email address at Please label the subject with “Jackie & Andrea” so I can attend to your message properly. :)

  • You've already exceeded your target! Can I still back you?

    Of course! And you'll still get the rewards! Our target amount only covers the bare minimum expenses, so anything we receive in excess will definitely help to make this project a success. And if we earn enough, it will also help us in setting up our business!

by Bardo Wu | 01/31/2018
It's only been 5 days since we launched Our campaign and we've already reached 50% of our goal! Thank you so much to all our first backers for helping us reach this milestone so quickly! You're all awesome!
by Bardo Wu | 02/13/2018
We've officially reached and exceeded our target!! We are so floored by all the support and encouragement we've been receiving. Our campaign officially ends on March 12, so until then, we'll be continuing to accept backers!
by Bardo Wu | 03/11/2018
As our campaign draws to a close, we wanna thank all our backers and everyone who showed their support in their own way. This campaign went above and beyond our expectations, and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you! Hearts everywhere! We're going to Amsterdaaaam!
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PHP 180,600.00
raised of a Php 82,000.00 goal
Filmmakers Jake & Bardo are putting a twist on wedding films, and they need your help to hit the ground running.
Project by Bardo Wu
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    Net savings of PHP 17,400 (inclusive of donation).
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  • 20% OFF on our Wedding Portrait package.
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    Net savings of PHP 43,600 (inclusive of donation).
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