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a project by Cryptors Cybersecurity Inc.

Want more security for your organization? We are now introducing a new limitless strategy to secure your organization from bad hackers!


Software security such as antivirus and firewalls is not enough anymore to secure an organization’s website, especially here in the Philippines.
This is because software is limited, they will only block all of the known threats. But, what if there is a new threat? The result is worse than you could imagine.

Our solution is to simply leverage a hacker. Because a hacker
-Can create new malwares
-Can formulate new strategies
-and is Simply, creative and limitless

Actually, we will not leverage just one hacker but an ARMY OF HACKERS.

Imagine, how huge the security it can give.

So we’re introducing here in the Philippines our product, a bug bounty platform with a large twist where organizations can launch their app in just a few clicks of a button and let the army of hackers test the security of it.

The problem why most of the organizations here in the Philippines didn’t participate in bug bounty programs is because it’s stressful for them to make a policy, bounty ranges and many other remedies about launching a bug bounty program, especially if they don’t have an internal security team. It is also very costly ranging up to millions of pesos per package in some other platforms.

We made this platform attractive to organizations by having :

-An auto-generated policy and bounty ranges
-A CRYPTORS security team that will validate hacker reports for them if they don’t have security team
-A downloadable statistics in a form of PDF
-and by making it 10 times more affordable than the other platforms

We also made this platform attractive also for hackers by:

-Having a sure money reward policy when their report is validated
-Having a training platform on how to bug hunt from zero to advance
-Having a world ranking that can attract job employers.
- Having a disclosure newsfeed where they can learn how other hackers hack a certain company

We did this project to introduce a new strategy to secure our government and private companies here in the Philippines. There is no 100% secure in cyberspace so even if you are a giant company, it’s not an exception, you can still be hacked. So we must be ready every time for the risk is always there. Security is not eliminating the risk but reducing the risk. Whether you are an ethical hacker, an organization or just a random person, you can
Help us raise 100,000 pesos and be a part of

Philippine’s cyberspace revolution!

Support us by buying this T-Shirt for P500 here:

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METHOD #1: Bank Deposit
Bank Name: BDO
Acct Name: Elma A. Lingad
Acct No.: 0520221214
(Just email us the deposit slip in our email:

METHOD #2: Cebuana Lhullier
Receiver Name: Anthony Jay D. Torcino
(Just email us the sender's full name and reference number in our email:

Anthony Torcino
Val Natividad
Anjo Tuban
Neyo Ibarra
Alexis Lingad
Leizl Villapando
Roselle Gabuya
Eve Laude
MJ Perpinosa
Gino Caparas
Alexis Lingad
Rochelle Casano
Rica Monteverde
Franz Caballero
Juriel Toribio
Bernard Zumel
Linnaeus Bundalian
John Simon
Emir Moreno
Richard Anacion
Arvin Chan
Rico Silvallana
Christian Emmanuel Ting
Christian Emmanuel Ting
Eva Ibarra
Joemarbert Yap
Eden Aguilar
Christopher Pena
Mark Anthony Zosa
Dyan Torres
Royce Chua
Aris Jan Arias
Matthew Bibangco
Lisabel Aurellana
Mark Russell Pontillas
Jean Damien Magdangal
Conrad Dela Cruz
Carlos Nazareno
Jay Gauten

The money will be used for hosting and domain name of the websites, premium cloudflare security, virtual private server to accommodate large number of visitors online, SSL certification to protect visitor data and boost Google search ranking and other expenses needed for the maintenance of the project.

The book will be launched and will be delivered any day on March 2017.

February 25, 2017 (Email us for details:

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₱ 108,500.00

raised of a ₱ 100,000 goal



Rewards Given

₱ 500.00 or more - 20/1000 rewards

  • Recognition
    • We will put your face(optional) and name in our Cyber Defender: Web Hacking book, website and social media as a donor
₱ 1000.00 or more - 14/1000 rewards

  • Recognition
  • E-book Copy
    • Cyber Defender: The Power of Hacking and Cyber Defender: Web Hacking
₱ 2500.00 or more - 1/500 rewards

  • Recognition
  • E-book Copy
  • Hard Copy Book
    • Cyber Defender: Web Hacking
₱ 5000.00 or more - 4/500 rewards

  • Recognition
  • E-book Copy
  • Hard Copy Book
  • CRYPTORS Events
    • ONE-TIME FREE ADMISSION (Bug Bounty Hunting Level 2)
₱ 10000.00 or more - 1/15 rewards

35% Discount to Start-Up Package (Monthly)
Orig Price: 40,000
SAVE 14,000!

₱ 25000.00 or more - 0/16 rewards

8% Discount to Business Package (Quarterly)
Orig Price: 465,000
SAVE 37,200!

₱ 50000.00 or more - 1/15 rewards

8% Discount to Enterprise Package (Quarterly)
Orig Price: 2,544,000
SAVE 76,322!