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Murang Libro Online

Book Subscription-- new books at your doorstep, monthly!

Php 45,500.00 raised
5 Days Left
Si Chester at Ang UV Ride Pa-Ayala

Husay Talents and Vibe Dance Studio are coming up with a theater comedy play that serves as a platform for training troubled teens in the performing arts.

Php 27,600.00 raised
Under The Stars

Join us in celebrating another night of love, friendship, music and film under the stars. #UTS2017

Php 50,200.00 raised
Spark Festival 2017

Be part of making 2017 our best year yet. We're putting together the first ever Spark Festival, celebrating the ever awesome Spark Community.

Php 278,500.00 raised
Find and Fund

Help us find people who are hurting. And help us fund their healing through Life Coaching.

Php 43,600.00 raised
Civil Defense - The Board Game

Civil Defense: The Strategic Humanitarian Crisis Response Game is a simulation table top boardgame that introduces the basics of disaster risk reduction and humanitarian action to players with or without any background in disaster risk reduction or humanitarian work. The design of the game was inspired by the creator’s many years of experience in social development work, humanitarian action, and disaster risk reduction. Some game scenarios were based on the Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda experience or true events. The game allows full engagement and interaction among players that can be played from 2 to 6 players or more. Disaster awareness education needs an upgrade from posters, books, lectures & manuals. Support & Play the #CivilDefenseBoardGame Campaign.

Php 1,750.00 raised

You want more Bisaya songs? Support us by PAYING IT FORWARD. Help us produce the next wave of Bisaya hit songs.

Php 220,160.70 raised
Yakap Duyan

Stylish handcrafted indoor hammocks made by traditional Filipino weavers for modern-day Filipinos

Php 70,200.00 raised
Your Awesome Year

Launch Your Awesome Year at your own pace, in your own space. Document each day in minimalist journals with a bit of structure and a lot of liberty.

Php 61,100.00 raised
Big Mike Bikes

Every home deserves clean water and electricity. Help a community in Rizal, achieve these basic needs by giving them their own Big Mike Bike

Php 22,500.00 raised
Mvndo Magazine's November Issue

This is your chance to support the first and only performing arts magazine in the Philippines—Mvndo Magazine. The best part? Each copy is completely free!

Php 108,100.00 raised
Tuto Box by Tuto Club

Tuto Box is a subscription learning box made for Filipino kids that is delivered to their doorsteps every month.

Php 50,000.00 raised
The STEEP® Coffee Bags

The STEEP® Coffee Bags makes brewing a cup of brewed coffee possible, everywhere. All you need is a mug of hot water and a coffee bag.

Php 219,250.00 raised
Dont Let Them Lose You

Help everyone to be empowered to be fully alive – in body, soul, and spirit by publishing a book and creating a health movement. With the help of DidoyMD's Book

Php 131,500.00 raised
Kapit Sisid

Empower the locals of Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay by helping them conserve their coral reef through freediving

Php 59,900.00 raised
Gugma Weaves Hablon

Gugma Weaves dreams of seeing hablon interwoven into Ilonggo lifestyle by innovating and producing personal and professional accessories.

Php 105,500.00 raised
Hull & Stern Dry Bags

This project is to help Hull & Stern achieve awareness and scale in the market.

Php 46,580.00 raised
Artist Madhouse

Expressive Art Meditation uses art activities to help people cope with stress and discover themselves through genuine connection to their true self and others.

Php 108,810.00 raised
The 175 X Pearl Diano

Filipino dictionary shirts that aim to inspire Filipinos to love & learn more of their language

Php 26,850.00 raised
UPSTART The Board Game

Experience the successes and failures of setting up and sustaining a business without the risk!

Php 323,500.00 raised

Want more security for your organization? We are now introducing a new limitless strategy to secure your organization from bad hackers!

Php 108,500.00 raised
The Obrano Minimalist

The Obrano Minimalist are heritage wallets that allows you to make room for the meaningful by taking only what's essential.

Php 200,260.00 raised
Hiraya Chocolates

100% Filipino bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a social conscience and an advocate of fair and sustainable practices.

Php 85,000.00 raised
ANInong ANInang

Give them the gift of opportunities and be part of leading their way to lead.

Php 13,300.00 raised
Save! Campaign

Save! Campaign aims to empower kids by teaching them the importance of saving in reaching their dreams.

Php 58,130.00 raised
Vitrum Bottle Crafts

Beautifully-designed, unique and contemporary tabletop lamps, chandeliers and other lighting furniture and fixtures. All upcycled. All handmade.

Php 79,500.00 raised
Flight of SuperMudball

Join the fun as we kick-off the rehabilitation of Ilog Pasig starting from Estero de Uli-Uli using EM Mudballs. Watch Nature's #InvisibleWorkers @work.

Php 133,000.00 raised
Tropic Haze by Nipa Brew

Craft beer isn’t just for expert beer connoisseurs, it’s for everyone! And we need help to bring the craft beer experience to you with our first product, Tropic Haze.

Php 251,750.00 raised
Innovate, Scale Up your Start Up

Kabayan, let’s co-author and publish a book - Think Rich Pinoy Business Model Canvas - that can change the trajectory of entrepreneurship in the Philippines for years to come.

Php 176,450.00 raised
ZIG: Organizer Bag for GoPro

Now a Bag x Organizer that matches the versatility of your GoPro. World-class quality, Proudly Filipino.

Php 170,600.00 raised
Spread the Love

Join us in helping the mothers at the Enchanted Farm bring their delicious products to the market and to the rest of the world.

Php 126,500.00 raised
Gugu Handwoven Backpacks

There is so much to Filipino ingenuity that our generation needs to be truly proud of. We dream to bridge that gap between traditional weaving and modern lifestyle.

Php 281,000.00 raised
Goodness Rising

Help us build a GK Village to put roofs above 100 families in Ormoc. Every contribution will remind the survivors that they are loved, and that the future is still full of hope.

Php 66,000.00 raised
Love 4 Iloilo

Northern Iloilo has been badly hit by Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. We are asking the world to show their LOVE 4 ILOILO by helping us send relief to the victims.

Php 148,085.85 raised
Support a Tausug Family

By supporting a Tausug family you give them a chance to a bright future through sustainable livelihood opportunities.

Php 135,568.50 raised
River Warrior Boats

With an "estero first" approach, the rehabilitation of the Ilog Pasig relies heavily on River Warriors assigned to clean, maintain and protect the esteros that flow into the river.

Php 28,900.00 raised
GOUACHE: Waxed-Canvas Goods

Beautiful waxed-canvas camera bags for the whimsical and the adventurer.

Php 184,900.00 raised
Isobel & The Patissier

A heart warming romantic comedy with a Filipino writer/actress, an Australian cast, an American production company, that's all set in France.

Php 9,000.00 raised
Animalia Filipina Collection

Wear Filipino pride on your feet! Wedges and heels hand-carved by Paete artisans with hand-woven fabric made exclusively for Risqu

Php 95,215.00 raised
GoodX Travel Scholarship

Arjean will be the 1st Filipino to join Camp UWP. We have 3 weeks left - help make it happen and be a part of this amazing journey!

Php 75,155.00 raised
Kawil Tours Tour Boat

A Kawil-owned boat will serve as a symbolism of connectivity. Help build sea transportation for meaningful journeys in Isla Culion.

Php 368,000.00 raised
Restore Tam-An Village Houses

Join our Ifugao brothers and sisters in reviving local culture through the restoration of native houses at Tam-An Village in Banaue, Ifugao

Php 39,552.00 raised
First Day High

Help 30 Public School Teachers get started on the best school year ever! With your help, Teachers get FREE Tools and a 1-Day prep session. Help make this happen!

Php 69,600.00 raised
Biyaheng Burda by Muni

A day trip to promote the less popular Laguna town, Lumban, to discover its rich embroidery handicraft, history and delicacies.

Php 15,600.00 raised
Hinabi sa Pilipinas

We?re inspired by the vinta. What?s the story behind your watch?

Php 80,200.00 raised
Paint-Some-Happy Project

Let's remind kids of their capacity to make their dreams real by covering the walls of their surroundings with hope-inspiring art.

Php 22,100.00 raised
Offbeat Pursuits

Offbeat Pursuits wants to share the amazing feeling of travel and promote the Philippines through travel to offbeat locations.

Php 30,042.00 raised
Lagon Custom Guitars

Support signature bamboo guitars custom made in Iloilo while preserving the craft and the music tradition of Agustin Lagon.

Php 11,725.00 raised