WVN Summer Towels
A Reward Project
We are launching handwoven summer towels, perfect for those who love being at the beach, or want to splash some color into their homes.
A Reward Project by WVN Home Textiles
PHP 236,350.00
raised of a Php 135,000.00 goal


Thank you, everyone, for supporting our crowdfunding effort!

For all backers: we're currently in the process of sending out your rewards. Please note that delivery is from May to end-June. We will notify you if your towels have been dispatched. Delivery will be done in phases on a first-come first-served basis. 

For international backers: please note that we will charge an additional amount for shipping to your country.

You'll have your towels soon enough! Thanks for your patience.


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Filipino weaves are at the heart of our ideas. We reimagine the use of local handwoven textiles and we try to lend a fresher treatment to it for the modern home. We currently work with a community in La Union to create and curate our products.  


We chose the name WVN ("wo-ven") because symbolically it looks like woven patterns of rice crops, mountains, or even water.  


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The funds will go directly to financing the production of our double sided towels -- weave on the outside; terry cloth on the inside. It is 100% cotton so it is absorbent, soft, and good for the skin!

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There is a tendency to underestimate the quality of our local craftsmanship because we do not understand the creative and technical process to produce this. We have come to know weaves as something “old”. WVN Home Textiles would like to change this mindset and raise awareness of the beauty of our local handloom industry through our products. 

Our advocacy is to rally people behind supporting local weaving and help communities grow their economic potential. We ultimately want to make weaving more relevant to the younger generations.


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With the help of this crowdfunding campaign, we would like to launch our new line of summer towels. But more importantly, we hope that we can spread the word about WVN. Eventually, our goal is to be able to put direction to our creative output and innovate with the weaves.  


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With your kind pledge to this cause, you will not only be supporting our products, but you yourself have become a catalyst of supporting local handicrafts. You will be receiving a masterfully handwoven towel, which you can use on your next trip to the beach, or to brighten up your home. 


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  • What makes your towels special?

    You won’t find these anywhere else. Our towels are double sided: weaves on the outside and a fluffy terry towel fabric on the inside. The weaves are proudly handmade by women from La Union. It is made from 100% cotton, so we promise absorbency and softness.

  • What's the difference between the SARONG and the SUMMER towel?

    The size of the sarong towel is 28 x 60 inches. It is thinner than the double fabric summer towel because it doesn't include a terry cloth. Think "sarong". :) The double fabric summer towel's size is 30 x 56 inches. It has a terry cloth on the inside and one of our four new designs (Navy, Nautical, Coral, Horizon) on the outside.

  • How can I choose my preferred design?

    Kindly wait for WVN's email after your successful pledge.

  • When and how will I be receiving my reward?

    We will start shipping out the rewards starting May 23. We will follow a first come, first served basis in order of backing. If needed, you will receive an email or text message to coordinate.

  • Is delivery charge included?

    For local shipping, it is included with the pledge. For international shipping, we will charge an additional amount for shipping to your country.

  • Why are you crowdfunding?

    WVN would like to raise awareness about the beautiful craftsmanship that we support. We would want to share WVN to more people, not just those in our personal networks. We would also like to raise capital to produce our new line of summer towels.

  • What happens if you don’t hit your target?

    We will find alternative ways to fund the project. There may be a slight delay in delivery times but the product will be delivered as promised.

  • How do we get in touch with you?

    Please follow us on Instagram: @wvnhome; Facebook: WVN Home Textiles. You may email us at hello.wvn@gmail.com.

by WVN Home Textiles | 04/19/2017
Awesome! We reached 30%! All thanks to your generous contributions. We hope to be able to deliver as soon as possible. Please wait for our email to update you on the status of your towels. :)
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Marika Ku
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PHP 236,350.00
raised of a Php 135,000.00 goal
We are launching handwoven summer towels, perfect for those who love being at the beach, or want to splash some color into their homes.
Project by WVN Home Textiles
Sarong towels
PHP 500.00 OR MORE

DSCF0307-13.jpgWrap these on yourself or toss them on the sofa; there are many ways you can use our sarong towel. Choose between three colors.

You will be receiving two (2) towels. Regular price for 2 sarong towels is at Php 800; you save 300 with this offer.

Limited: 36 out of 50 claimed
Summer towel
PHP 1,300.00 OR MORE

DSC_0417 copy.JPGWeave got you covered this summer! Lay on the beach; dry up; stay cozy. Our towel will be perfect for your next getaway. Choose any design from our new line.

You will receive one (1) double sided towel at an early bird rate. Regular price is at Php 1500; you save 200 with this offer.

Limited: 27 out of 80 claimed
Pair up
PHP 2,300.00 OR MORE

DSC_0417 copy.JPG

Pair up with your bestie or bae this summer. Use them as bath or beach towels. Choose designs from our new line.

You will receive two (2) double sided towels at an early bird rate. Regular price is at Php 3,000; you save 700.

Limited: 20 out of 20 claimed
Group love
PHP 4,500.00 OR MORE

DSC_0417 copy.JPG

Perfect for barkadas or a family of four for summer! Use them as bath or beach towels.

You will receive a set of our double sided towels at a special early bird price. One set consists of all four (4) designs of our new summer line. Regular retail price for 4 towels is at Php 6,000; you save 1,500.


Limited: 15 out of 10 claimed
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