Siargao Medical Missions Support
A Donation Project
Come and help our group bring necessary medical support to the people of Siargao and Palawan. Help pitch in and fund our four Medical Missions.
A Donation Project by MP A
PHP 28,200.00
raised of a Php 300,000.00 goal

Who are we?

Access to quality health care and patient education is what our group envisions for the country’s remote island communities.

In light of this, we hope to bring such services to select locations through our medical missions. We have successfully conducted a number of these missions and caravans in the past starting with Coron, Palawan. It is an initiative which began in 2017 and is something we hope to keep on doing with the help of our invaluable volunteers and generous donors.

Our group is establishing a pioneering effort to provide primary health care services to island communities using a traditional clinic set-up. We hope to not only make available emergency, ambulatory and diagnostic services but also health insurance and telemedicine options.

What are we doing?

We will be conducting the first of four quarterly medical missions in Siargao this February 23 to 25. For this particular medical mission, we will be focusing on Children's and Women's health issues and wellness. We will have pediatricians, obstetricians, nurses and health experts giving free medicines and check-ups.

The next three medical missions will be announced soon and will require your magnanimous support to come to fruition. We hope to bring necessary health care services to the locations which need it the most. The number of volunteers that we can bring and the amount of supplies we can purchase will depend highly on the success of this fundraiser. Your swift response will materially aid in the planning and execution of the upcoming medical missions.

Why are we doing this?

We need your help in bringing quality medicines and healthcare to the people of Siargao and Palawan. In spite of its natural beauty, those residing here have very limited access to doctors and medicines. We hold four missions annually and have selected Siargao to be among one of them.

Please help us defray the costs of bringing in as well as hosting doctors and other health professionals. These medical missions will also include providing medicines and check ups to areas where there is normally no one capable of providing them.


How can you help?

Your generous contribution will help fund our four medical missions. We are targeting a total amount of Php300,000 for this project. Donations of any amount however are welcome.

As a token of our appreciation, contributions amounting to Php10,000 and above will be given a special edition medical mission t-shirt.


How will the funds be spent?

Your kind donations will help support our four medical missions throughout the year. A large part of this will be used to purchase much needed medicine and medical supplies. Another part of it will be spent on logistical expenses for our volunteers. These amounts will pay for their transportation, food and accommodations while rendering their professional medical services, free of charge.


  • What are we?

    We are a Philippine-based, quality healthcare company established in 2017. It aims to deliver quality service to far-flung communities (Palawan and Siargao) where said services are not readily accessible and, in the process, promote the Philippines as a medical tourism destination. We also seek to address the lack of healthcare in the provinces by partnering with local healthcare experts, hotel and resort owners in the area, including experts in health care services and management from Manila. We will be conducting our medical outreaches in Siargao Island with the purpose of raising awareness on health this February 23-25, 2019. This will be our seventh medical mission after completing two successful missions in Palawan and four last year in Santa Monica and General Luna, Siargao. For this particular medical mission we will be promoting Women and Children’s Health and Wellness. We will have pediatricians, obstetricians, nurses and volunteers with us to give free treatments, medicines and check-ups.

  • How can you help?

    Our medical activities are always fundraising events. We are still in the process of looking for cash sponsorships for medicines, airfare, cargo and accommodations for 9 volunteer doctors and medical staff as well as the tokens we will give our beneficiaries. You may deposit donations to our Unionbank account.

PHP 28,200.00
raised of a Php 300,000.00 goal
Come and help our group bring necessary medical support to the people of Siargao and Palawan. Help pitch in and fund our four Medical Missions.
Project by MP A
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