Duplication of Consciousness: Need Help!!!!!
A Donation Project
Scientific explanation of consciousness duplication & action-horror comics: Need Help!!!!!
A Donation Project by Albert Demontaño
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1. If i can start a comics business and become successful then i will start making computer games then if become successful i will do scientific research to fight aging, fight mortality, and find consciousness and if consciousness is found then research how to have more than one aware body.

2. I need money to start my consciousness comics business and i need the money so that i can pay www.crowdfunder.com

3. I will look for investors at www.crowdfunder.com. Crowdfunder cost 999 USD every 3 months. Any help would do especially 999+ USD or 53,000+ PHP.

4. The full amount of money that i need to start making the comics is actaully 12,500,000 PHP and i will need employees, materials, computers, softwares, supplies, emergency expenses, extra expenses, pay bills, pay trademarks, etc.. If i do receive money worth 999+ USD then you can follow me on www.crowdfunder.com.

5. The business:

A. Consciousness of main characters can spread to no consciousness but not to other no consciousness if they touch each other then untouch however the consciousness had already spread therefore the main character now have more than one consciousness then the process happens plenty of times then some consciousness goes to one body while other consciousness goes to other bodies therefore if one body of the main character dies then he/she still have other bodies left. The said other no consciousness can act as shell preventing consciousness to spread just about anywhere. The entire processes are being done by special type of gene. Main characters also have mutant powers like Marvel Superheroes and cause by their said special type of gene.

a. When we were very young our brain was still small however we already have consciousness.

b. When we grow up our brain also grow in size so the question now is what did increase the size of consciousness or the quantity of consciousness or both.

c. There are people with only one brain hemisphere and they are also aware of themselves and this only means that consciousness is quantifiable and we have more than one consciousness because if we only have one consciousness then consciousness is divided into two for people who only have one brain hemisphere then consciousness will die if consciousness will not die then we can have more than one consciousness.

B. Some ordinary characters also have their own ordinary special gene however they only have one aware body however they have backup consciousness therefore when one of their body dies their ready backup consciousness can develop to become their new body plus they retain their previous memories however most ordinary characters dont retain their previous memories because they are literally born again so their ready backup consciousness is inside someone else womb however they also have their backup consciousness outside of the womb and will enter when needed and when they are born again they will be born same or similar compare to their previous body and location and they also have only one aware body. Mutants belong to some ordinary characters however not all some ordinary characters are mutants and mutants are less than 5% of some ordinary characters. Main characters are relatively very few, some ordinary characters are relatively few, and most ordinary characters are relatively abundant.

C. The said main characters usually battle zombies caused by the virus/pathogens, mutant zombies caused by the viruses/pathogens, virus/pathogens and they also battle rebels, criminals, terrorists, and mutants.

D. Babies of said main characters can also be themselves because they can allow their consciousness to be transplanted into their egg cells/sperm cells and the babies grow up very fast and the entire process are supported by their special type of gene. When main character babies is/are inside the womb there are plenty inside the womb and last only few months inside the womb and when the babies are born the babies are born very small however grow up very fast.

E. The comic will be a 200 pages comic colored and does not look like sketch and it will be a physical copy and there will be on-line comics. The comics will mostly be like World War Z, Left for Dead, 28 Days/Weeks Later, Resident Evil and related and it will also incorporate other things such as wars and mutants. Wars here are related to Battlefield 4, Battlefield Hardline, Counter-Strike, Tom Clancy the Division, and related while mutants here are related to Marvel Superheroes such as X-Men, X-Force, X-Club, New Mutants, and as long as they have the X-Gene. Always remember that main characters in the comics have more than one aware body and they also have mutant powers.

6. Before i forget...

First name: Albert

Last name: Demontaño

Occupation: Student

Experience: 21 years intensive experiences making intellectual properties

Birthday: July 4, 1983

Email: shuffleallcards@gmail.com

Mobile phone: +63 919 289 0815

PHP 0.00
raised of a Php 500,000.00 goal
Scientific explanation of consciousness duplication & action-horror comics: Need Help!!!!!
Project by Albert Demontaño
My First Comic
PHP 2,800.00 OR MORE

Said action-horror comic and may take time to be produce because i still need to obtain the full amount of money. You may get a refund if sent locally. Actual comic price is 1200 PHP while delivery cost is 1800 PHP. If sent locally you will get a 1650 PHP refund.

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