Paint-Some-Happy Project
A Reward Project
Let's remind kids of their capacity to make their dreams real by covering the walls of their surroundings with hope-inspiring art.
A Reward Project by Meggie Valdez Roanna Medina
PHP 22,100.00
raised of a Php 20,000.00 goal

Story behind the project

Meggie and Roanna have always had an appreciation for art, especially the kind that refreshes and uplifts their spirits. They especially got inspired with the street art found during their trips abroad — how art was even present in banal, everyday places such as train stations, back streets, and abandoned buildings. In 2011, Meggie and some friends celebrated their birthdays by gathering people to paint the Pediatric ward of the AFP Medical Center. It was a purely friends-driven project — Meggie’s friends designed the walls, a co-celebrant provided the paint and art tools, and everyone, including Roanna, helped get the hands needed to prime, draw, and paint the walls to full color. They ended up painting two walls in two separate floors of the hospital, and immediately saw the faces of the kids, their parents, and the nurses light up as soon as the walls were completed. 

In another instance, Roanna met a boy (whom we’ll call “Bunso” for now) while volunteering in a home for street children in the Philippines. Bunso, which is Filipino for “younger brother”, experienced heart-aching hardships more than any other kid. What struck Roanna was that he still had a positive outlook for his future that could be attributed to the support he received in his new home. She realized this might not be possible for all kids with rough backgrounds — others who don’t have access to supportive communities to make up for their dark experiences.

This story sparked Meggie and Roanna’s idea to paint a public space accessible to kids with rough backgrounds, to give children like Bunso a space to dream, and to dream BIG, through hope-inspiring art.

We’d like to fill the walls with designs that the kids can relate to – so illustrated art that kids can relate to will be our inspiration. More importantly, we’d like to use art to challenge the kids to dream – we envision a section of the wall to be an open canvass for the kids where they will complete the sentence “Pag tanda ko, gusto kong maging ____.”

Realizing the value of being able to own their dreams, we’d also like to allow the kids to place their own designs on the walls, to serve as a projection of the fulfillment of their dreams, and of what they could become. 

Bringing hope through art

The funds we’ll raise in this campaign will be used to purchase materials necessary in brightening up the walls. We will bring in friends who make art as a living, or who live for art, to work together with the kids in coming up with the artwork. We could also get volunteers to help guide the kids as they paint on the walls — no artistic background needed. The first Saturday will be spent priming the walls, and the consecutive weekend will be spent drawing and painting on them. 

Anna Williams
Victoria Kimble
Khar Khee Chai
Joseph Gideon Sarreal
Lawrence Anthony Ong
Ma. Socorro Valdes
Raymond Tolentino
Verne Ahyong
Joy Celine Luz
Anthony Reyes
Stephanie Anne Sy
Benjo Delarmente
Y Ty
Joseph Anthony Quesada
Andrey Nikolas Lamberto Lagbao Bolante
Kirstin Lopez
Luis Alphonso Gaza
For You
Alden Daveson Ong
Samuel Salinda
Lea Alissa Dalisay
Geoanna Corneby
margarita regina hechanova
Patch Dulay
Victor Paolo Barreiro Jr
Ian Joseph Corpuz
Erica Tan
PHP 22,100.00
raised of a Php 20,000.00 goal
Let's remind kids of their capacity to make their dreams real by covering the walls of their surroundings with hope-inspiring art.
Project by Meggie Valdez Roanna Medina
PHP 200.00 OR MORE
Donating Php 200.00 will get you a personalized postcard, using design elements from the things we painted on the wall
PHP 500.00 OR MORE
Donating Php 500.00 will get you a box of gift cards containing various design elements/characters of the things we painted on the orphanage?s wall
PHP 1,000.00 OR MORE
Donating Php 1,000.00 will get you a box of greeting cards (5x7in) note cards with the painted walls as cover art
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