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Through the power of social media and crowdfunding, we can now easily back projects and get awesome rewards in return. For project creators, there has never been a better time than now to go and spark that idea.


As crowdfunding is basically available for everyone, we do, however, have guidelines to better determine what’s appropriate, or not, in our website.

We are looking for projects. A project has a clear and definite goal; is time-bound, and has an original and achievable output. Therefore funding an organization, entity, or a business as a whole is not considered a project.

The Spark Project will accept project submissions that meet all of the below guidelines:

  1. The project creator, or at least one member of the group, is Filipino;
  2. Projects should already have a concrete output or a “proof-of-concept”;
  3. Projects should exude creative, innovative, and passion-driven qualities. One example could be a product/service which addresses a social problem by using new or revolutionized tools;
  4. The project must have a maximum limit of Php300,000.00 for their funding goal; AND
  5. The project output should fall under at least 1 the following categories:
    • art, music, and video
    • fashion and product design
    • travel and culture
    • food and beverage
    • science and tech
    • community projects

The Spark Project is not appropriate for:

  1. Projects that involve “fund my life” or campaigns that are for the project creator’s personal gain;
  2. Projects that will be used for political or religious agenda;
  3. Projects that contain offensive materials. The Spark Project holds the right to determine which materials are offensive;
  4. The project should not break any Philippine law;
  5. Projects that will give monetary rewards or stocks as rewards;
  6. Projects that will campaign for funding of an institution, organization, or business as a whole; AND
  7. Projects that have parallel, simultaneous campaigns in any other crowdfunding site.