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Through the power of social media and crowdfunding, we can now easily back projects and get awesome rewards in return. For project creators, there has never been a better time than now to go and spark that idea.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are Filipino, and we cater to you. We’re bringing crowdfunding to the Philippines to give marginalized innovators like us the chance to make our ideas possible. There is still no space for the creative, the innovative, and the passion driven to support and fund each other. We’re creating that space. This is where your projects should be.

A project

  • has a clear and definite goal;
  • is time-bound; AND
  • has an original and achievable output.

Funding an organization, entity, or a business as a whole is not considered as a project.

We've recently adjusted our process for launching new campaigns so we can serve projects better and increase their chances of succeeding in crowdfunding

To know more about our crowdfunding process, click here

As crowdfunding is basically available for everyone, we do, however, have guidelines to better determine what’s appropriate, or not, in our website.

The Spark Project will accept project submissions that meet all of the below guidelines:

  1. The project creator, or at least one member of the group, is Filipino;
  2. Projects should already have a concrete output or a “proof-of-concept”;
  3. Projects should exude creative, innovative, and passion-driven qualities. One example could be a product/service which addresses a social problem by using new or revolutionized tools;
  4. The project must have a maximum limit of Php300,000.00 for their funding goal; AND
  5. The project output should fall under at least 1 the following categories:
    • art, music, and video
    • fashion and product design
    • travel and culture
    • food and beverage
    • science and tech
    • community projects

The Spark Project is not appropriate for:

  1. Projects that involve “fund my life” or campaigns that are for the project creator’s personal gain;
  2. Projects that will be used for political or religious agenda;
  3. Projects that contain offensive materials. The Spark Project holds the right to determine which materials are offensive;
  4. The project should not break any Philippine law;
  5. Projects that will give monetary rewards or stocks as rewards;
  6. Projects that will campaign for funding of an institution, organization, or business as a whole; AND
  7. Projects that have parallel, simultaneous campaigns in any other crowdfunding site.

In order for the Project Creator to have a successful campaign, the team, as well as the potential backers, should be able to be convinced that the Project is feasible and doable. Thus, we will be requiring a proof-of-concept for the Project.

A proof-of-concept is defined as: a sample or a prototype of the real product OR a plan showing how the project creator will execute the service or product (production plan), an estimated schedule (from production to delivery), and any details of the project execution.

As much as crowdfunding is an online activity and a lot of people have access to the internet, majority of the funding actually comes from the Project Creator’s community -- family, friends and networks. These immediate circles initially back and promote the Project so that their friends and family would eventually know and back the Project.

We charge a standard engagement fee plus a platform fee of 10% if the project fails to reach its funding goal, or 7% if it successfully reaches or exceeds its funding goal. This does not include Payment gateway fees that range from 3-5% per transaction.

Please find our rates and fees for 2016.

The Spark Project Ambag PH
Crowdfunding Essentials Workshop PHP 1,500.00*
Setup Fee PHP 2,500.00
Platform Fee 10% (regular fee)

7% (if campaign reaches/exceeds its funding goal)
Php 1,500.00/month
Spark Coaching ProgramPHP 5,000.00**

*The Crowdfunding Essentials Workshop is a pre requisite for projects who want to crowdfund via The Spark Project. Ambag fundraisers are highly encouraged to take course.

**The Spark Coaching Program is an optional service for projects who need extra guidance

***rates and fees may change without prior notice

We have a different fees based on the project turnout to 1) encourage project creators to estimate properly and 2) motivate the project creators to campaign passionately for their projects. We owe it to our potential backers to feature well thought of projects by passionately committed creators through the site.

Yes. Projects are not limited to its funding goal. It can very much exceed its target. The funding goal is there to give everyone an idea how much funding your project needs to fly.

Rewards are usually outputs made from the project. Backers love limited editions, personalized experiences, and unique mementos. By offering rewards, backers are given a chance to take part in and have something to remember about your Spark Project. It is a must that you offer rewards to your supporters. And it goes without saying that you should also make it a point to deliver these rewards as expected. Backers respond well to well conceptualized rewards.

The Spark Project does NOT take ownership of any of the ideas. We only provide the platform for these projects to get the funding they need to start, or in some cases scale. Some project creators are wary that having their ideas posted online would result to others stealing it. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Although we cannot prevent others from having the same idea as you. The fact that you have made concrete steps in making it happen still gets you ahead. We believe that it’s all in the execution.

It’s easy to back a project. Choose your desired reward at the campaign page you’d like to support, then click on the ‘Back this Project’ button. This will bring you to a page where you can finalize your mode of payment. If you wish to back by credit card your transaction will be directed to Paypal, our online payment gateway. Should you choose to make bank deposit, you are requested to deposit the payment to the project creators bank account. Once completed, upload an image of the deposit slip to the link provided by the system or email us a copy of the deposit slip along with the project details you are funding.

Even though we only house projects from the Philippines. Backers may come from all corners of the world. This can be facilitated through Paypal.

Feel free to email us at We’d love to help.